Sost Today is a platform for the Participatory Journalists of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral, where we share a very diverse information including News, articles, events, photo and video in different categories like social, political, economical, cultural, socioeconomic, sports, health, education, travel and so on.

Sost Today is non-profit blog founded in 2013 and operates with volunteer editors and the reporters are not paid for their articles.

Updated continuously by citizens like you.

You are all welcomed to be a part of Sost Today.

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  • faiz shah

    you doing a great job farhad bhai.. keep it up and let us informed if anything is helpful from our side ..

  • I am impressed and motivated towards the initiative of Sost Today, a heart-touching and curious project that will INSHALLAH lead towards pinnacles of Success. we are looking towards the future of Sost Today with a staunch belief that a new horizon will explore multiple of windows towards developments in various areas !!!! Hundreds of Cheers for Sost Today!!!!

  • Jehangir

    Very positive initiative u guys have taken.. this is the most powerful medium of the current era through which every individuals can contribute their efforts in the development of societies.

    Sosttoday must give chance to maximum people to take part, specially youth.

    I would suggest sosttoday to change the pattern. u should introduce creative people. creative writing or any other arts and sports etc.

    Wish u best of luck


    Zehangir Mirza

  • dr savaid abbas mirza

    i want to join sost today for my articles on bone diseases from rawalpindi . working as an ortho/surgeon in islamabad medical school as an a.p hope the editor will give me a chance to educate people of g b through my knowledge in bone and joits diseases