Being Away From Your Home

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By Zeeshan Alam

People asked me what do you think will be most difficult about being away from your home?

I think being away from home is used to be the most painful and hard bearing moment of someone’s life. What will be the most difficult about being away from my home would be the absence of my family. Because you need to have your family affection and support at every blink of eye in order to have a prosperous life. I am an individual whom has a belonging to a conservative-liberal culture and joint family setup where every relation is inter-linked and inter-woven in either direct or indirect way. Every human individual wants to have his/her family affinity regardless of the situation and even sometimes beyond time and space too, where he/she is emotionally attached right from the birth and till up to the last second of life.

Zeeshan Alam

Zeeshan Alam

There are many things which will prove to be very difficult to bear in the tenure of education. I will face new challenging tasks and would face critical situation being apart from my family. The most crucial thing that is going to be missed is the exoteric and esoteric affection of my mother, without whom I could have been nothing. The un-ending support of my father is also of great worthy. And if I am aiming to be a part of good education system and availing an auspicious opportunity to furnish my educational capabilities is due to the courage and every now and then profound guidance of my elder sister who has been a long lasting inspiration for my educational career and life. To overcome these difficulties I need to be persistent in every respect, so I would get my final destination.

If we take an in-depth view about the variety of cultures across the globe, we would categorically find one widespread reality and that is the emotional, physical and esoteric affiliation of people in relation to the enduring impact of cultures on their lives respectively. This insightful attachment does not lose its fundamental nature regardless of the context he/she is experiencing, but there is colossal difference in being an active participant in his/her own culture and a participant observer in another culture. To understand a culture according to your own perspective is much different than to experience a culture according to others’ perspective and context plays a vital role too.

Last but not least an individual have a preference to be a part of his/her family at a time of ecstasy and grief to morally shore up his/her family and wish to have it in response. These critical moments of life creates a sense of family security and make an individual realize of his/her family affection in sharing joy and grief. I am well known to this reality that I will miss my family, but have the sense of that painstaking feeling; it would be a hard-hitting reality to bear for me to be away from my family. But I have got the genuine courage and I have faith that my family’s esoteric love and support will be a prime motivator to muddle through that difficulty.

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