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Woman biker climbs Burbucho peak in Shigar

Woman biker climbs Burbucho peak in Shigar By Jamil Nagri GILGIT: Samar Khan, 25-year-old adventure biker, has become the first Pakistani to climb the 6,250-metre Burbucho peak in Arandu area of Shigar district. After her climb, the peak has been named ‘Samar Peak’. Resident of Islamabad, Ms Khan has also made a national record of cycling on the peak. Earlier, she had also cycled on the Biafo glacier, last year,

The last horsemen of Hunza by Gohar Abass

By Gohar Abbas — In a remote northern Pakistani valley surrounded by giant ice-capped peaks, villagers gather to watch a game of Buzkashi, an ancient equestrian sport once seen as a key test of virility that is now struggling for survival. Baksh Dil Khan, a retired schoolteacher is saddling his horse as his wife sprinkles a pinch of flour over the animal for good luck, worried that the snowfall that

Qudrat Ali ventured to walk 300km bared feet to spread the message of peace

Passu Gojal(Sost Today): Mountaineer and co-founder of Shimshal Mountaineering School, Qudrat Ali is on a mission to promote positive image of Pakistan in a unique way. Qudrat Ali has ventured to walk barefoot from Gilgit city to Shimshal valley covering around 300 KM distance. In a media talk Qudrat has said that the purpose of this walk is to promote positive image of the country, spread the message of peace and harmony


SSDJL WILL START FROM TOMORROW  IN SHER-E-SUBZ CHIPURSON CRICKET GROUND. [Sports news) Salman Aziz Budlay (sher-e-subz Gojal) Sher-e-Subz diamond jubilee league will start from 1st February 2017 in Sher-e-subz Cricket ground. Nine teams from Sher-e-subz will take part in the mega cricket event organized at village level under Ismaili Boy Scouts Group sher-e-shuz in collaboration with sher-e-subz team.  3rd February 2017 will be final day of this tournament. Ismaili Boy Scout has theme for this event

US mountaineers missing after bad weather in Gilgit

ISLAMABAD[AFP]: Two American climbers have gone missing while attempting to summit a mountain in northern Pakistan, officials said Thursday, as bad weather hampered rescue operations. Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson began their ascent of Ogre-II, a 7,285-metre (23,900-foot) peak off the Choktoi Glacier in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan on Sunday August 21, according to a website set up to raise funds for their rescue. “They planned on five days

Pakistan's Diana hunts for glory in cricket -- and football

By: Gohar Abbas/AFP Diana Baig shifts restlessly in her seat, checking her watch every few seconds at an awards ceremony after leading her cricket team to victory. Soon she has to play a football match at another venue, and time is ticking. Baig is no stranger to the pressure. The talented 20-year-old plays for Pakistan’s national team in both cricket and football, representing the country as one of the “Girls

Punjab crowned champions as Inter-Provincial Games end

Salman Khan (Gilgit-Baltistan ) and Noor Mohammad (Sindh) bagged bronze medals KARACHI: Punjab emerged as champions of the first edition of Quaid-e-Azam Inter-Provincial Games which concluded at the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad on Tuesday. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa clinched the second position, while Sindh grabbed the third. Punjab finished at the summit with 2,641 points which they grabbed by virtue of 61 gold, 43 silver and 32 bronze medals. KP (1,331

Diana Fond of Juggling Cricket and Football

By Vishnu Prasad CHENNAI: One can imagine it to be a familiar routine in the Baig household. Daughter Diana calls up and says she has been selected for the Pakistan national team. The voice at the other end asks ‘which one?’ To pull on your national team’s jersey is an achievement. To do that in two disciplines is all the more impressive. And to do all that before you hit

Conquering Pakistan's 'Killer Mountain' against all odds

ISLAMABAD: Simone Moro stood atop Pakistan’s “Killer Mountain” last week and observed the curve of the Earth – a view which had never been seen by anyone in winter until the climber and his team conquered Nanga Parbat. The expedition had taken three months and came more than six decades after the mountain was first summited, but 10 minutes was all Moro could allow himself to enjoy his achievement. “Now

Khoushleem Bano from Gilgit Baltistan among first female boxers from Pakistan to feature in an international sporting event

KARACHI: History will be made in Shillong, India when Khoushleem Bano, Rukhsana Parveen, and Sofia Javed, step into the SAI-SAG Centre donning their prestigious green blazers with the Pakistani flag embroidered on it. The three fighters will become the first female boxers from Pakistan to feature in an international sporting event when they step into the ring on February 13 at the ongoing South Asian Games. In an interview with