Flood Devastation in Gojal: Water channels, roads, bridges, crops and trees wash away, KKH blokced

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Flood Devastation in Gojal: Water channels, roads, bridges, crops and trees wash away.


SOST GOJAL – Another spell of heavy rainfall grasped the Gojal valley on Monday. Several bridges, roads, standing crops, trees and water channels washed away due to flood and glacier outburst.


Flood in Sost stream. Photo: Farman Ali Tajik

In Chipursan valley due to lightening and heavy rainfall a large area came underwater, seven bridges, many acres of crops washed ways. A flood came from a stream Dasht Jirav near Reshit and blocked the river due which an Artificial formed on Chipursan River and the valley is completely disconnected from rest of the country. The local volunteers have take on the rescue activities, none of the government authorities have yet reached there. Ismaili local council Chipursan has called an emergency meeting and has advised the residents to move on safe places and take preventative measure.

The Karakorm Highway blocked once again at several locations in Khunjerav and a Bridge has partially damaged near Ghalapan. The flood has wiped way the construction materials of Chinese Construction company working on KKH at Ayeenabad near Attabad Lake. The traffic between Pakistan and China suspended once again.

The damaged portion of KKH near Ghalapan. Ibadat Ali

The damaged portion of KKH near Ghalapan. Ibadat Ali

Irrigational water channels of Sost, Nazimabad, Moorkhun and Sirteez has been washed away due to flood in the particular villages. In Sost village many houses and cattle sheds evacuated and dismantled local community and scouts in view of more destruction. The peoples have been shifted to safer places.

sost gojal

Sost- A cattle shed being dismantled by volunteers in view of expected flood

The electricity structure damages across Gojal. Electrical poll fell down due to land sliding and floods at much location. The whole area of Gojal is in complete darkness. The authorities have said it will take a week to fix the crisis, if the cycle of rain stops otherwise it may take more time.

The residents of Gojal have demanded the government of Gilgit Baltistan for instant response. The delay may cause food crises in the valley and health setback due to lack of Hospitals in Gojal, specifically in the remote valley of Chipursan and Shimshal. Dozens of foreigner and local tourists have stuck in Gojal.

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