GBUM demands to open Pak-India border via Skardu Kargil and Ladakh.

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Skardu, March 14 (Sost Today): The people of Gilgit Baltistan welcome the proposal of India to open the Skardu Kargil road for trade. This proposal is on the basis of humanitarian, according to democratic traditions and the will of people.

These thoughts were expressed by Manzoor Parwana the Chairman Gilgit Baltistan United Movement in Skardu yesterday.

Parwana urged the Government of Pakistan to take the offer positive and take steps to ensure the long-lasting and legitimate wish of the masses of Gilgit Baltistan.


During the negations between Pakistan and India, India proposed to open Skardu-Kargil road to connect the divided people of both sides of the border.

Parwana said the It’s encouraging to open Skardu road alike Muzaffarabad road and Khokra Par for trade activites between the two countries. Thousands of people will be benefited and will be able to meet their relatives across the border. He further said that an estimate of 300,000 foreign tourists will visit Gilgit Baltistan annually and the economical condition of the people of living on both sides of the border will be improved.

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