Anniversary of Prince Karim Aga Khan’s first Visit to Sost, Gojal celebrated

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Editer: Remembering a blessed moment is a fortunate moment and act in itself.

    This was a memorable and a blessed day, in deed, in the lives of the people of Gojal, Upper-Hunza; but, as per the Community governance structure, as is clear from the Ismaili Constitution, we cannot celebrate “salgirahs” without the permission of the concerned Ismaili-Imamat Institution–the Country Council that through the Regional Council and that through the Local Council and that by the concerned community– as we have such permission for 23rd October celebrations of the First-ever visit by any Ismaili Imam to the GB Region in 1960. Very importantly let we remind ourselves, again and again, that this is not an Official Celebiration for the Jamaa`at of Gojal or Passu or Sowst or any place !!

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