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 By Barkat Ali

In the thirst of Power, The royal family of Hunza has got deaf, dumb and blind. With every passing moment that drags people of hunza towards election in GBLA- 6, the thirst of power got high intensity for royal family then the thirst a fating person feels in the Holy month of Ramzan. On 11th June, Mr.ShahSaleem who is considered as strong candidate in the aforesaid Halqa 6 among several other rivals has published very abusive, unethical and defamatory content from his personal account on social media. Within short time he got desired number of like, but many people criticizing against this misconduct through their comment.  For the reference of the readers, here is the screenshot of the content he shared to target particular vicinity.saleem khan hunza1

While using metaphor , calling himself Lion, The king of Jungle and calling other dogs, he further said in his comments that he posted this update to target particular people who are trying to deteriorate the political environment of Hunza. These are those people who do not have even lands in hunza, nor can they cast vote.  He added in one of his comment that these people have already targeted his family for the sake political mileage, all he is doing, is reaction to statements of those rental “Tattoos”.saleem khan hunza 5

The discussion took place in 2nd half of the day and took pace with increase in traffic on social media. The youth of Hunza strongly condemned his statement and expressed their aggression against this awful act. Attached here are some glimpses of youth who tried to make Shah sb understand that whatever he said is wrong and he must not call people of hunza dogs. In respond to many of invaluable comments, he kept on justifying his proclamation by lame statements. Out of several followers, he blocked many who suggested him to act wisely and unhurt the credibility of people.

saleem khan hunza2

In the light of above detailed conversation through comments between Mr.Khan and public, one will surely question that Hunzai’s being educated and are proud of securing 100% literacy rate, can’t distinguish between a leader with vision, role, respect, and wisdom and a Son of Royal family with indigenous authoritative, commanding, blurred vision, and cruel approach. It is also worth nothing to mention that it is not only Saleem Khan who hurt the emotions of hunzais but also his father Mr.Ghazanfar has passed controversial statements for the people of lower hunza like he said, “Tm Shinaki kay LoogQabar ma Jao gay to aqal aye gi”. On another occasion of glittering his political journey he added “Tm Nasirabad k log InsanBano” clearly portrays negative and threatening attitude of Mir. Targeting Lower Hunza is not a story of today, but due to tough competition and outcompeting by Comrade baba Jan in earlier elections has lead Royal family adopting such attitude.saleem khan hunza6

Having no political view and less interest in politicking, I do not support anyone or do not oppose anyone, but whenever candidates come forwards to lead youth of Hunza with no vision in mind, and calling bad words to people of particular vicinity, then I feel best to waste the vote by not casting it. At the same time it is our obligation to let the leaders know, not to play with youth for the sake of political achievements. It is also evident from enclosed material that youth have been asking to present manifesto to contest the election, but leaders have nothing else in their minds then to delete or block such people from friend list. It is alarming situation to all of us, wake up and wisely cast the vote to the best, educated and equally competent candidates who has vision to do something good for society. Schools, hospitals, improper roads, lack of clean water, lack of electricity are precious gifts of Mir’s family who has been ruling us since decades and against contesting another election is big question mark on our faces.

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