Exporters suffer faulty cargo service of NATCO

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By: Farhatullah Baig

Sost Gojal(ST Report): Pakistan exports 24,000 tons of goods per year to China, which includes items are Pine Nut, Wall Nut, Dry apricot, Prayer mate, Garments, Herbal Medicine and Tea etc.. All these goods are transported by Chinese trucks and trailers from Sost to Kashgar and Tashkurgan. Northern Areas Transport Corporation NATCO has only 2 trucks (Kamaz) on this route from Sost to Kashgar, which hardly go to China 3 times in a month due to its worst condition. And the Pakistani private transporters are not allowed to cross the border.

The cargo carrier fare of Chinese transporters from Sost to Tashkurgan is 300yen/ton (PKR 5100/Ton) and Sost to Kashgar is 400 yen/Ton (6800/Ton) and PKR 5.4 to 7.5 per KG. The NATCO cargo carrier fare is PKR 45000/ton from Sost to Kashgar, which is comparatively cheap than the Chinese transportation. The capacity of the Chinese trailers is 15 to 20 tons where as the trucks of NATCO carry only 10 ton.

According the exporters they have requested the NATCO to provide new trucks with larger capacity. And also has demanded the Government of Gilgit Baltistan to permit the private transporter on the route to China.

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