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When Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visits White House on Wednesday, most of the media is focused on Obama and Nawaz discussing war on terror, drone attacks and Pakistan India relations. The international press shall by vying for some news on nuclear non-proliferation, aid and trade and if there is enough space, may be some discussion on human rights.

Pakistan has unfortunately been in the news for all the wrong reasons whether pertaining to nabbing of OBL, Time Square bombings or war on terror. However few people in United States of America know that Pakistan is a country of 180 million people with a history spanning thousands of years. It has unique culture and traditions and that is what strikes any outsider when he or she visits Pakistan.

Contrary to popular perception in the west, it is common to see foreigners and nature lovers roaming around the picturesque northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan has eight of the fourteen mountains in the world above 8000 meters including K2, Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum peaks etc. The north has 700 hundred year old Baltit Fort in Hunza and still functional British built Kalamdarchi Fort to watch over China and Tajikistan borders, a must visit if you are interested in history of Great Game. The north has world highest Deosai meadows, turquoise blue Attabad and Shandoor lakes, gushing Indus, Hunza and Ghizer rivers and angling for trout fish is a common sport.

The mountains and valleys are a natural home for snow leopards, brown bears, ibex and markhoors while migratory birds from Siberia make Pakistan home in winters. The mountain people are peaceful, friendly with a rich culture and love to play polo.

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