Relief will be distribute in three different categories for the affectees of Attabad Disaster: officials

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Sost, Gojal (ST correspondent): NDMA and Administration of Hunza Nagar have started the distribution of the relief items received from People Republic of China for the Affectees of Attaabad Disaster.

The officials said that 2650 Metric Tons of edible and non-edible has been received and a standard formula will be adopted to distribute the relief.

According to the formula the affectees has been divided into three categories; Direct affectees (IDPs), indirect affectees, Standard population and Misgar, Shimshal and Chipursan has declared as far long areas.

Relief items of one year will be disturbed to the direct affectees (IDPs) and eight months relief for the indirect affectees and the rest will be distribute for the standard population of Gojal.

Govt of Gilgit Baltistan will bear the cast of transportation, while the contract has given to a private transport company Hunza- xingjing Co. in an open biding.

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