School To Be Established at Hussainabad Sost, Gojal

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Education plays an important role in the development of society as we can see the western world has developed due to education in every aspect of life.

Hussainabad Sost is situated in the north near to the border of China. This town is famous because of its business hub, All the Government offices including international dry port is located here. The population of this town is approximately 2000 which consist of 200 houses.


An Aeriel view of Hussainabad Sost

Many of the Government officials, who are working in Sost, have come with their family. Increase in the population of this town has created many issues like water, sewerage system, pollution and  the most important issues is education. Where there is no even a single primary school to educate their children in this town.

Government of Pakistan earns billions of Revenue from this town in the form of Duties and Taxes, but unfortunately the Government of Pakistan showing no interest in the development of this town. We need a school to be established at Hussainabad, Sost. Our Children  go from one village to another to get education, we  the team of Sost today requests from the Government of Pakistan  and the donor agencies to please give us a hand and promote education in the region.

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  • -Dear Narrator,

    -Telling the truth is the first pillar of good journalism you know it well. Well written but may be not collected the actual facts, there are many school and colleges in Soost. So, please collect the actual and factual base informations and the high light the issues. I being a native from that area i do agree with you on the other HSEQ issues. Being a Business centre this place is not feasible for an Education Institutions. My request to look and plan at least 50 years not on a narrow view and version but a brighter and positivities should be in mind.

    Mr. Toojik July 30, 2013 8:49 am Reply

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