Sino-Pak Border reopens today

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By Farman Ali Tajik

Today on 08.10.2013 Sino-Pak Border has opened for all traffic, the border was closed due to observe the people republic of China Independence Day from 1st October to 07th October. Local passengers also reached in Sost to travel China.

The history of National day Celebration of China starting from 1st of October 1949, after a long war for liberation, the Chinese people declared victory over the Nationalist forces of Chiang Ka Shek. Now the 1st of October is marked every year with National Day Celebrations in China, including government organized festivities such as concerts and fireworks.

Colorful firework displays take place nationwide in many cities but perhaps the highlight of China’s National Day Celebrations is the National Day Parade, taking place with the participation of thousands including civilians as well as military accompanied by a half-hour firework display.

In addition to by National Day concerts, many cities and squares hold the National Day Flower Bed festival to mark China Independence Day with most gorgeous flowers being showcased at Tiananmen Square. A special tradition of the Chinese folk during the National Day is hanging red Chinese lanterns which symbolize happiness and fortune.

Most of the Chinese people tend to make the most of the week-long holiday by organizing excursions or family visits. During the time of the celebrations most of supermarkets, department stores and malls in China feature exclusive discounts.Image

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